Medicinsk Dialog, or ”Medical Dialogue”, is aiming at increasing a good dialogue on medicines between patients, health professionals and relatives.

It is doing so by providing good, evidence-based and reliable information on medicines, health and patient safety to relevant target groups in the health sector and beyond. And also by gathering and presenting evidence on the advantages of patient involvement and patient communication.

The tasks of Medicinsk Dialog are:

– articles on medicines, health and patient safey for patients and health professionals – See the latest publ. from the Danish Medical Bulletin and check list of publications
– teaching/lecturing on rational use of medicines, patient communication etc.
– literature searches and targeted communication for health professionals, patients, relatives etc.
– interview of relevant target groups
– being a partner in projects on patient-information and – involvement
– communication advice on health subjects

Medicinsk Dialog/Medical Dialogue is established by Marianne Møller, who’s background is a mix of medicine and communication. Marianne is PhD., M.sc. pharm. & Master in professional communication, and has 25 years of experience in the health sector.

Marianne has been working fulltime in a pharmacy, in a national health webportal (NetDoktor) and for 9 years in the former Danish Medicines Agency with information on the rational use of drugs (Institute for Rational Pharmacotherapy, IRF). In IRF one of her main tasks was to give comparative information to patients and health professionals according to the key comparative parameters – effect, side effects and price.

Beside her fulltime employment Marianne has been an eager writer on health, medicines and patient safety, for example in magazines and papers focusing on consumer and patient-information (ie. Helse, Tænk and Test). The main focus of Mariannes’ tasks has always been to give evidence-based, correct, comparative, and not least readable, information on medicines and health. Thereby trying to give patients the best basis for making decisions on their own. See some examples of Marianns’s articles here.